Plant List for Packridge

Below is a list of the borders and planting at Packridge Plant List 1. Central Raised Garden Anemone x hybrid ‘Honorine Jobert’ Artemisia ludoviciana ‘Valerie Finnis’ Buxus balearica Clematis Echinops Eryginum Galium odoratum Hamamelis mollis Juniperus Lavanudla Myrtus communis Phlox Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’ Rosmarinus officinalis Tulipa   2. Bunny Bank (bank with steps to woodland) […]

Wedding Bouquet

Lots of people commented on, and have asked about my wedding bouquet. So I thought I would dedicate a page to it.  Firstly, and the thing I am most proud of is that everything in my both mine and my sisters bouquets was home grown. There were some items that came from my mum’s garden, […]