Plant Sale August 2021

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us at The Homestead on Sunday. Mary and Stan had around 130 visitors, which considering the torrential rain in the morning was great and we really appreciate everyone turning out to support the NGS. The Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘firetail’ was all gone by half way through the afternoon, […]


In June 2018 I visited a garden just outside Oxford. It was beautiful. Privately owned, and open only to groups on request. Not only was it full of unusual and lesser-known species of common genera it was also full of trees. I couldn’t believe it, silver birches, acer grissini, prunus to name a few. I […]

Salvia oxyphora

Recently asked what is your favourite Salvia I found myself stumped. There are just so many different species and they are very few that I don’t appreciate in one way or another. Saying that in the top 10 this year has to be Salvia oxyphora. Its the first time I have grown it, its not nearly […]

Woodland Walk

This is what I was faced with in October of last year. Whilst slowly collecting and piling up the leaves I looked up this bank and started to plan. The fence that runs up the bank created a dead end for anybody walking along the bank from the house. Your only option was to turn […]

The Kitchen Garden

This week I have been concentrating on repairing and renovating the kitchen garden and fruit cage at Packridge Farm.  When the garden is in full flow I have very little time to spend in the veg patch and so some of the work I am doing is to try and reduce the amount of weeding […]

The Old Workshop

Situated in Northney, Hayling Island, my garden is small but with lots of potential. We have a south facing site, surrounded on 3 sides by the house, and two quite tall walls. We hope in time to completely enclose the garden, for some privacy and for my daughters safety, for now the south end is […]